Established by Mike in early 2018 after identifying the lack of truly personalised offerings for Home Buyers, Investors and Refinancers across the Hunter Valley and Newcastle regions, WFS has become one of the region’s prominent Mortgage Brokers.

Having previously owned a Franchised Mortgage Broking business, Mike felt it important to establish his own brand that aligned totally to his core beliefs of regular and clear communication with his Clients.

Ever since the doors opened, the business has gone from strength to strength, whilst all the time remaining true to the foundations on which it was built.

Appreciating that for many people applying for finance is a completely alien process, we understand that every interaction with our valued Clients is absolutely unique. Our goal is to develop a relationship with Clients, not simply a transaction. We are committed to regular, clear and transparent communication – all with the aim of removing the many stresses associated with the finance process.

With so many homes being built in the region, WFS has become well recognised for assisting many clients with Construction loans. What can often be a complex process has become one of WFS marquee offerings.

WFS has many repeat clients and is proud that a significant amount of the people they assist come by way of referral.

In August 2023, WFS merged with PFP Wealth Group.

PFP Wealth Group


We are passionate about helping people achieve their financial and property goals. Whether it be entering the property market for the first time, building an investment portfolio or consolidating debt, our number one priority is finding the loan that suits your individual needs.

Having built and owned property ourselves, we understand the many complexities and unwanted surprises that can present themselves throughout the process. Our goal is to alleviate any added stress for our customers by guiding them through the lending cycle and simplifying the entire process by breaking it down to be fully understandable to all.

Having been in customer focussed roles our entire lives we value the importance of clear, consistent and transparent communication.